About Craig Williams
I could start my autobiography with my formal art education and explain that I studied under
a master painter in Charleston for several years. I could go on and tell you about all the
1st place awards and purchases I’ve won at art venues throughout the south. If I’m reading
that it seems boring and cliche. So what really matters to me is this: When I was only 4 years
old my mother sat me down at a small child’s table outside. She gave me 1 brush, 4 paints
and a piece of thick paper to paint on. She told me to paint something. My sketching became
famous at Fairmont Elementary School. In the 3rd grade, I carved my name in 3-D style on my
wooden chair. My pals Tim & David asked if I would carve their names as well. I said yes, for
$1.00. They gladly paid and I was busy all year doing side jobs in class with art. I continued to
sketch and paint a bit through out my school years. In the 10th Grade I won a congressional
art contest and my watercolor was selected and signed over to be property of a Washington,
D.C. Art Museum. I worked and went to college as a history major while abandoning my God
given talent in art. Every time I saw an old classmate or teacher they’d ask “did you ever do
anything with your talent in art?” In 1991, the girl of my dreams and I got married. I did a small                                                pen and ink of a bear for our apartment. We moved and bought a new house which needed
 pictures badly. She told me that she was going to buy some paintings that afternoon. I asked 
her not too. I said “Please give me a chance to paint again,” she came home and handed me
 1 brush, 4 paints and a canvas. It was 16 years since I had picked up a brush. Later, I took my
 work to a gallery and the owner gladly published it. This is how my art career began.